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Hi, I'm Jordan Alam and this is what my thoughts would look like if they were organized in magazine format. I read and write a lot, and I collect both here.
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You were eighteen when you first came out and left home and you have been running away ever since. Forget the sneakers, running is more about that feeling of constant motion. How you have refused to hold onto a warm body, let alone a city, for longer than a few months so that it cannot swallow you…

Fast-paced and breathtaking.

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Beautiful communal poem from these powerful women. Check out the writing course and shout out to Sonia!

— 2 months ago
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[Essay] Reclaiming the Round Belly as a Marker of Beauty by Sharanya Manivannan →



[Bilan] We are socialized into adhering to pre-existing dominant beauty standards, often without questioning who is defining and what are the consequences of conforming. That is why the desire to resist and even more importantly to choose our own standards is agentive and empowering. Here…

<3 this essay.

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Empathy v. sympathy <3

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Got an hour? Listen and learn some fascinating facts about American food culture.

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